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“To have students foster the art of Karate-do through self-discipline, training with the unity of body and mind and nurturing the individuals’ creative efforts.”


Suzaku Kan Karate is located in Onehunga, Auckland.  A dedicated, stand-alone facility and full time Dojo.  Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art environment designed exclusively for martial arts training.  We have classes for all ages: 2-3yrs Turtles Karate Class, 4-5yrs Dragons Karate Class, 6-7yrs Tigers Karate Class, 8yrs+ Juniors and Seniors 13yrs+.

Tavita Lefale is the Chief Instructor of Suzaku Kan Karate New Zealand.  Tavita-Sensei is certified Yondan (4th Dan), Shidoin and Kenshi. Tavita-Sensei has over 20 years’ experience in Karate-do, Martial Arts and Fitness, developing his skills and training in NZ, Australia and in Japan with Hanshi Ishitobi.

Tavita-Sensei passes his knowledge to students through his teaching philosophy, “To have students foster the art of Karate-do through self-discipline, training with the unity of body and mind and nurturing the individuals’ creative efforts.” 


At Suzaku Kan Karate School we teach the style of Karate known worldwide as Shito-ryu Shukokai. Suzaku Kan Karate focuses on traditional karate techniques.  Every student has the opportunity to thrive in a learning environment that teaches traditional karate skills and values, discipline and self-defense.


Suzaku Kan Karate is affiliated with Karate New Zealand, Karate Auckland and the Shito-ryu Shukokai Karate Union Oceania.  Our students participate in Dojo Competitions, National Tournaments, and International Karate Championships in Japan and Australia.


At Suzaku Kan, we empower our students to reach their full potential in the art of Karate.  Members become a part of the Suzaku Kan Karate family, where students, parents and families enjoy the culture of our Dojo.  Some of our annual events include inter-dojo Championships, trips to Australia and Japan, Dojo Pizza Nights, Karate Camp and End of Year Prizegiving Dinner and Gradings.

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"We chose Suzaku Kan Karate for our daughter as we thought it would help build her confidence, improve her coordination and help develop discipline. It was important to us that she learned ‘real’ karate that would be of real benefit to her in the future. Watching her progress through the grades and discover her passion for helping teach younger students over the past 5 years has been a great source of pride for us. Sensei Tavita is kind hearted, approachable and relates well to students of all ages and abilities. His proficiency in the art of karate and his passion for passing on his knowledge to his students is clearly evident. He has also developed a great team of Sensei and Senpai who are a testament to the dojo and Sensei Tavita’s teaching."

V. & K. Chua

“A great dojo with a very family oriented feel to it. It upholds all the traditional elements of karate-do & dojo etiquette, which was important to me when I migrated from another style. I enjoy training and the fact that we break down techniques and learn how to apply it in a self-defence situation effectively. My son has joined as well and senior belts keep training for the kids fun and interesting while still maintaining the discipline expected of karate. Highly recommended for the whole family!”

T. Kapp-Kailea

“Our son has been doing Karate at the Onehunga Dojo for nearly two years now and the only negative I have is that we didn’t enrol him sooner! The positive effects it has had on him are too numerous to mention.  The disciplined and respectful culture that he has been exposed to has done him a world of good.  All credit to Sensei Tavita, Sensei Steve and others for the professional and family friendly atmosphere they have created and would thoroughly recommend Suzaku Kan Karate Dojo, Onehunga to any parent who are thinking of enrolling their children”.

T. & D. Thomas-Stone

"My son started as a 5 year old standing at the back of the karate class in a gi too big for him, he is now a young man who has earned his black belt and a place at the head of the class (and a gi that fits). This has been a life shaping journey for him where he has learnt respect, discipline, perseverance and confidence and to be helpful to others.  We love and respect the Suzaku Kan Sensei’s who work hard to try and make a difference in the children’s lives."

D. Gillard

"Thank you Tavita & Team for providing a professional level of Karate. Teaching my kids patience, determination, hard work, discipline, pushing to the limits when required whilst incorporating other activities (camp, parties) for socialising and fun. The instructors very well know when the kids find it difficult and they go the extra mile to motivate the students to ensure they don’t give up. Always striving to provide better service, whether it is WIFI or a desk for kids. My son utilised it to complete his high school homework while waiting for the class, amazing journey he had to achieve a Black Belt."

S. Nand

​"My son and daughter have been attending Karate under Sensei Tavita for 4 years now.  They have both thrived in the Dojo gaining confidence and discipline which has also had a positive impact on their school life.  The Dojo is very family friendly, welcoming and all the instructors are very skilled.  Sensei Tavita genuinely cares about his students progress in the Dojo and outside the Dojo.  Involving our kids in Karate has been one of the best things we have done."

A. Crosbie

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