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  • Membership at Suzaku Kan Karate is unlimited Karate Training as per the available and normal training timetable. (This does not include Specialised Classes: Kumite, Wrestling, Competition Training, Private Training, Training Seminars and Additional Classes available from time to time.) 

  • Membership Fees are due on the 1st of each month via Automatic Payment. No payment holiday or pro-rata rates available.  Fees are due regardless of whether or not students attend classes made available to them.  This includes absence due to holidays or travel. 

  • The monthly AP is the annual membership divided equally into 12 monthly payments.

  • Suzaku Kan Karate is a Dedicated Training Facility/Dojo. We are entitled to refuse the student entry to the Karate Dojo if fees are not paid by the due date. Students will not be permitted to train if membership fees are overdue.  In the event of non-payment, arrears will be forwarded to a debt collection agency.

  • Lessons continue through the school holidays. As a Dedicated Dojo and Training Facility we open all year round and close only on public holidays, long weekends and for the Christmas and New Year period. 

  • We require 1 month notice for cancellation.  If you wish to cancel your membership you need to send an email to 1 month in advance.  The final membership fee is due 1 month from date of cancellation. 

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